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Sustainable Nation

The Sustainable Nation Podcast delivers interviews with global leaders in sustainability and regenerative development three times a week. Our goal is to provide sustainability professionals, business leaders, academics and anyone interested in joining the sustainability revolution, with information and insights from the world's most inspiring change-makers.

Apr 16, 2020

The Sustainable Nation Podcast interviews three people involved in the work to bring sustainability to the College Football Playoffs: 

  • Roger McClendon – Executive director green sports alliance
  • Brett Blumberg Director of Sustainable Events & Analytics
  • Ryan Hall - Director of Community Relations at College Football Playoff

Through its Playoff Green initiative, the College Football Playoff strives to minimize the environmental footprint of the national championship game and its ancillary activities. An additional objective of Playoff Green is to create a positive, lasting “green” legacy in each CFP National Championship host community.

This past year, the comprehensive approach to sustainability included recycling, food recovery, waste management and other sustainable strategies throughout the event in New Orleans.